Accepting Payments for Short-Term Events

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The Student Business Office teams with Treasury Services to provide payment processing devices to facilitate your club, department, or team event fundraising. Having a bake sale? Selling t-shirts at an event? Simply accepting donations? Please continue reading to learn about available payment devices, how to request them, and the required training to use them.

How It Works

 The Student Business Office has credit card readers available to check-out for use during your short-term event.

 Treasury Services creates an eMarket website with the specific items you are selling.

 The website is accessed from your laptop/tablet/cell phone during your event and links to the credit card reader to process payments securely. These payments will deposit directly to your funding string and post in real time - no need to deposit the funds later.

  • A funding string is a series of account details that tells the SBO where to deposit your money! These account details include your FOAPAL, which stands for Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity, and Location. Every revenue transaction at Western is required to have at least a Fund, Organization, Account, and Program code associated with it.

Getting Started

1. Complete the eSign Form

Submit the Request to Accept Payment for a Short-Term Event Form. Be prepared with your funding string details and a list of names and email address for all individuals processing payments at your event. Your Financial Manager can assist in providing your funding string information.

2. Allow Two Weeks for Processing

Due to the detailed nature of the eMarket set-up process, we ask that you submit your form at least 2 weeks prior to your event date. This also allows us to coordinate and ensure that all groups wanting to use the devices are able to. Waiting until the last minute may mean there are no devices available for use - and you can't use alternative methods. 

3. Complete PCI Compliance/Cash Handling Training

A member of the Student Business Office team will email all cashiers/operators listed on the Short-Term Event eSign Form with required training. This is a short electronic training that can be completed on your computer or cell phone.

 It is important that all cashiers/operators learn and follow a set of Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards when processing, storing or transmitting a cardholder’s financial information during credit card transactions. PCI compliance training is mandatory in order to ensure the proper protection of cardholder data.

 Cashiers/operators that do not complete this training will not be permitted to handle change funds or credit card readers during their short-term event.

Available Devices

The credit card readers are small, handheld devices that are able to process credit card payments quickly and securely. They require connection to a secure, password protected WiFi network. All devices are automatically connected to campus Wifi network “WWUwireless-Secure” to ensure secure and successful processing.


The Student Business Office can provide a “change fund” which includes small bills in order to provide change during cash transactions. Please note, it is your responsibility to return the change fund separately from the cash accepted during your event. A deposit bag will be provided at pick-up along with instructions on how to organize your cash for deposit and separate the change fund cash for return to the SBO.


If you do not have a personal or departmental laptop, tablet, cell phone etc. to be used in conjunction with your credit card reader, these types of devices are available for check-out through ATUS. Please contact ATUS directly at (360) 650-3300 or for details.


If your event is being held off-campus or in an area of campus where WWUwireless-Secure network is unreliable, secure WiFi Hot Spots are available for check-out from the SBO in conjunction with your credit card reader. Please make note of this request when completing your event esign form.


Only cashiers/operators listed on the event esign form will be eligible for pick-up of devices and change funds and must provide photo identification. It is recommended to bring your laptop/tablet/cell phone at the time of pick-up for a brief training on the navigation of your event emarket webpage. Please note that devices will not be checked-out if PCI compliance training has not been completed.


Downloadable To-Do List

Don't Stress!

Download the Short-Term Event To-Do List to ensure you are meeting all requirements to check-out necessary devices and safely accept payments at your upcoming event.

Short-Term Event To-Do List


Thank you for helping us make your event a success!

If you have questions or concerns about the event process, please contact the following:

 Treasury Services

  •  360-650-3720

 Student Business Office

  • or
  •  360-650-2865


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