Tuition and Fees

General Information

Tuition and Fees are subject to change as the result of action by the State Legislature or the Board of Trustees.

By registering for classes, a student incurs a legal obligation to pay tuition and fees. This debt may be canceled only if the student officially withdraws from the University before the quarterly deadline published by the Registrar’s Office.  See below for additional information on tuition refunds from course and school withdrawals.

Tuition Refunds for Course and School Withdrawals

Completing a course withdrawal or a school withdrawal may not result in a refund or a reduction of the associated tuition and Services and Activities Fees.  Please refer to the Registrar’s Office Important Dates and Deadlines for the applicable quarter to review deadlines associated with the full tuition and half tuition refund periods.  Contact the Student Business Online (, 360-650-2865) to discuss the financial impact of withdrawing from a course or all of your courses.

Policy on adjustments to and refunds from student and accounts.