Tuition Waivers

The Board of Trustees of Western Washington University is authorized, but not required, to grant tuition and fee waivers for different categories of students and to provide for waivers of different fees with the exception of those waivers required by law.  See WAC 516-60-010 for a more information regarding tuition and fee waivers authority. [Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12). 04-09-106, § 516-60-010, filed 4/21/04, effective 5/22/04.]

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Admission Waiver Information for Incoming Students

Visit the Admissions webpage for information on a variety of funding options available to incoming students. Admissions Office
Old Main 200
(360) 650-3440

Departmental Waivers

Some departments have funds available to award one or more partial tuition waivers. Recipients of tuition waivers must be full-time undergraduate students enrolled on Western’s main campus. Students admitted and enrolled through an off-campus or self-sustaining program are not eligible for these state funded tuition waivers. Please contact the specific department for details

Tuition Waiver Form - Academic Year (WWU Employee)

Tuition Waiver Form - Summer Only (WWU Employee)

Under RCW 28B.15.558 faculty, exempt professional staff and permanent classified staff are eligible for this benefit provided that they have a minimum of six months service at WWU in at least half-time status and meet other eligibility requirements and provisions. The Registrar’s Office
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Graduate Teaching Assistant Waiver

The Graduate School funds approximately 220 graduate teaching assistantships annually. These assistantships are competitive and are available in most graduate programs. Current graduate students and new applicants interested in a graduate assistant position must apply through the Graduate School. A nominee must have full admit status to the Graduate School (not provisional status) and, if a current student, be making satisfactory progress toward the degree. Full-time appointments require 20 hours of service per week; half-time appointments require 10 hours of service per week. Learn more about the Graduate Teaching Assistant Waiver. The Graduate School
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Intercollegiate Athletics Gender Equity Scholarships

The Department of Athletics provides a number of gender equity tuition waivers to student-athletes. These waivers are provided to selected members of both women’s and men’s varsity sports teams on the basis of athletic ability, and are subject to the rules and regulations of NCAA Division II. The value of the waivers is variable, up to the full cost of tuition. Athletics Department
Carver Gym
(360) 650-3109

International Student Waivers

International student waivers may be available to both undergraduate and graduate students.  Non-matriculated, exchange students studying at Western on an approved exchange program may be eligible for a tuition waiver, while matriculated students enrolled in classes may be eligible for a merit-based scholarship that results in a partial tuition waiver, administered through the Office of Admissions.  Contact International Student and Scholar Services to learn more about eligibility and application requirements. International Student and Scholar Services
Miller Hall, Room 212
(360) 650-7971

Multicultural Achievement Program (MAP) Scholarships

Western Washington University supports the belief that diversity is an important part of a quality education. The MAP scholarship is awarded each quarter to freshmen and transfer students whose application for admission demonstrates an ongoing commitment to multiculturalism and/or diversity. Some awards are renewable. Learn more about MAP Office of Admissions
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Need Based Waivers

Western has made it a top priority to assist the students who need the most financial support. Nearly 85% of Washington residents who are determined low or lower-middle income by the FAFSA receive need-based grants and waivers that exceed the full cost of tuition and fees. To apply for need-based financial aid, a student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Office of Financial Aid
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(360) 650-7291

Seniors Aged 60 and Older

RCW 28B.15.540 recognizes the value of life-long learning for Washington state residents aged 60 and older to audit Western courses on a space-available basis and within certain restrictions. Registrar’s Office
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(360) 650-3430

Spouses/Domestic Partners and Children Of Deceased or Disabled Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters

The 2011 Legislature amended RCW 28B.15.380 establishing a mandatory tuition waiver for eligible spouses/domestic partners and children of law enforcement officers and firefighters who were killed or disabled in the line of duty. Learn more about RCW 28B.15.380. Registrar’s Office
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Veterans and Family Members Of Veterans

Western accepts and / or provides tuition waivers to veterans and in some cases, their family members. These waivers can include payment for tuition, fees, books, and more. Learn more about eligibility requirements and how to apply. Veteran Services
Wilson Library 165
(360) 650-3324